La Salita (*1 Michelin Star and 2 Soles Repsol)

From 11 to 21 April de 2024, except 14 and 21 April.
35 diners
Calle Pedro III El Grande, 11B · 46005 - València

Currently located inside a palace in the district of Ruzafa in Valencia, the restaurant La Salita embodies the fruits of perseverance, effort and dedication. For years, chef Begoña Rodrigo dreamed of locating her Salita in this building full of history and finally succeeded. The space has an outdoor terrace where snacks are taken from the menu in fine weather, and a room on two floors inside. In addition to a cellar view in a room that maintains the beams and the original structure. Within this refuge, chef Begoña Rodrigo claims her roots, her territory, her identity. To do this, she relies on an extensive network of orchards, farmers with a name and surname, for which she is advised to then develop complex recipes from the most interesting that offers their land.